• faculty

  • Yulia Frumer

    Bo Jung and Soon Young Kim Professorship of East Asian Science, Associate Professor

    PhD, Princeton University
    • 410-516-7507
    • Gilman 380
    • Research Interests: Science and technology in East Asia, especially Japan; science and technology transfer; scientific translation; measurement instruments; humanoid robotics; science fiction.
  • Robert Kargon

    Willis K. Shepard Professor of the History of Science

    PhD, Cornell University
    • 410-516-7504
    • Gilman 378
    • Research Interests: History of the physical sciences; science and social change; history of science and technology in America
  • Sharon Kingsland


    PhD, 1981, University of Toronto
    • 410-516-7505
    • Gilman 382
    • Research Interests: History of modern biology, especially ecology, genetics, physiology, and behavioral biology; science in America; environmental sciences; urban ecology
  • Stuart W. Leslie


    PhD, University of Delaware
    • 410-516-7738
    • Gilman 361
    • Research Interests: History of technology; history of science-based industry; regional economic geography; science and architecture
  • Joris Mercelis

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Ghent University
    • 410-516-4485
    • Gilman 367
    • Research Interests: history of modern technology and business, especially in the field of chemistry; science-industry relations; knowledge sharing and intellectual property; academic entrepreneurship.
  • María M. Portuondo

    Department Chair; Associate Professor

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-7503
    • Gilman 374
    • Research Interests: Early modern cosmography; astronomy and natural history; early modern natural philosophy; science and technology in Spain and Latin America
  • Lawrence M. Principe

    Drew Professor of the Humanities; Director, Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe

    PhD, History of Science, Johns Hopkins University; PhD, Organic Chemistry, Indiana University
    • 410-516-4807
    • Gilman 376
    • Research Interests: Early modern and late medieval science and technology, especially the history of alchemy/chemistry and issues of science and theology/religion
  • joint faculty

  • Gert H. Brieger

    Professor Emeritus in the Department of the History of Medicine

  • Nathaniel Comfort

    Professor in the Department of the History of Medicine

    • 443-287-6146
    • Research Interests: History of biology, especially genetics, molecular biology, and biomedicine; history of recent science; oral history.
  • Mary E. Fissell

    Professor in the Department of the History of Medicine

    • 410-614-0286
    • Research Interests:  European health care and popular medicine, 17th-18th centuries; early modern gender and the body; co-editor of the Bulletin of the History of Medicine.
  • Jeremy A. Greene

    Professor, E. Treide and A. McGehee Harvey Chair in the Department of the History of Medicine

    • 410-955-4899
    • Research Interests: Twentieth-century clinical medicine; therapeutics; pharmaceuticals; global health; history of disease
  • Marta Hanson

    Associate Professor in the Department of the History of Medicine

    • 410-955-4879
    • Research Interests: Medicine, disease and public health; early modern astrology and arts of memory in Chinese history
  • Graham Mooney

    Assistant Professor in the Department of the History of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health

    • 443-287-6147
    • Research Interests: History of public health, 19th-20th centuries; infectious disease surveillance and control; historical geographies of health and medicine; historical epidemiology and demography; Co-editor of Social History of Medicine
  • Randall M. Packard

    Director and William H. Welch Professor in the Department of the History of Medicine

    • 410-955-3178
    • Research Interests:  Social history of disease; health and healing in Africa; history of public health; history of colonial and post-colonial medicine; co-editor of the Bulletin of the History of Medicine
  • Gianna Pomata

    Professor in the Department of the History of Medicine.

    • 410-955-3037
    • Research Interests: Cultural and social history of early modern European medicine; women’s and gender history; history of cognitive practices, categories and genres
  • Christine Ruggere

    Lecturer; Curator, Historical Collection Institute of the History of Medicine

  • Daniel P. Todes

    Professor in the Department of the History of Medicine

    • 410-955-7079
    • Research Interests: Social relations of scientific thought; history of biomedical and biological sciences; history of medicine and science in Russia
  • staff

  • Timothy Giglitto

    Senior IT Specialist

  • Danielle Stout

    Department Administrator

  • fellows & visiting faculty

  • Michael Dennis


  • Susan Morris


  • Buhm Soon Park

    Visiting Scholar

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