The graduate program combines a broad introduction to historical scholarship with training in the skills needed for specialized historical research in the history of science, technology and medicine. Students work in a variety of settings, including research seminars, methods seminars, and individualized tutorials, as well as gaining teaching experience in the Department’s undergraduate courses. There are also opportunities for advanced students to teach their own courses in the undergraduate program at the Krieger School. Prospective students are encouraged to contact individual faculty prior to applying to discuss areas of mutual interest and learn more about the Department.

The Department has particular strengths in early modern history of science and technology in Europe and the New World (including alchemy, chemistry, astronomy, geography, and natural history), history of modern life sciences, modern chemistry and chemical technologies, modern technology, and history of science and technology in Asia, especially early modern and modern Japan. Other areas of interest include the history of laboratories and architectural design, the history of science and technology in Latin America, history of environmentalism, and innovation in cities and high-tech regions. Many students take advantage of our proximity to the museums of Washington, D.C. to pursue interests in museum studies, often supported by special internships and fellowships. Graduates of the program have followed a variety of career paths, including faculty positions in universities, positions in museums, government agencies and research institutes, scholarly editing, and positions in a variety of other institutions that support scholarly research and education.

The graduate program in the history of science, medicine and technology at Johns Hopkins is run cooperatively by the Department of the History of Science and Technology in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and by the Department of the History of Medicine in the School of Medicine. Students who fulfill the requirements of this graduate program will earn a PhD in History of Science and Technology or in the History of Medicine. Students primarily interested in history of science and technology should apply to our department through the Krieger School graduate admissions process. Students interested in history of medicine should apply to the Department of the History of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Students may take courses with faculty in either department, although the department through which you are admitted is considered your “home base.”  We do not offer a MA program.